Tip and tricks Torchlight II: Berserker Blood Hunger

Since I am bored with the "gun" class, I decided to playing with another character class, Berserker. This character is interesting because its main melee weapon, claw, has an ability to bypass 50% of armor!! Nonetheless, regular attack can only hit one enemy at a time, unless you using some skills that can hit more than one enemy at a time.

After playing some time with this class, I decided to experiment if I can take advantage of one of its passive skill  Blood Hunger, a skill that gives you a certain amount (percentage) your hit point back to you so long you hit the enemy with a critical attack. You can say that as long as you hit with critical, your HP will never drop. Added to that is Berserker's weapon claw who has the lowest delay of animation, the chance to perform a critical hit is high.

Berserker Blood Hunger

Of course when I play this game, I always intend to carry any character class with a build that can survive in Hardcore Elite level. So we need to balance our status, skills, weapon and armor.

Below is simple table of the required dex point in order to get a certain critical chance. Remember that the starting base level of Berserker is (STR: 15. DEX: 15, FOCUS: 5, VIT: 5). 

Every 1 of dex point gives you a 0.20% critical chance.
level point dex %crit
1 15 3%
7 35 10%
12 60 15%
17 85 20%
22 110 25%
27 135 30%
32 160 35%
37 185 40%
42 210 45%
47 235 50%

You not only get the status point everytime you level up, you also can get it from armor, weapon, enhancement and gem. Based on my experiences, a crit chance of 25-30% is sufficient, ideally 50%, which translated to 1 of every 2 hits guarantee getting a crit hit, and you become INVISIBLE hahaha.... The problem is, it's impossible to survive if you're trying to play with a full dex stat, especially in the Hardcore Elite. 

In this build, I decided to not use 2 weapons, instead using a weapon and a shield (for survivability , and so I don't put any point in Focus and passive skill Executioner. 

I suggest to increase Dex until you get 85 point and also if possible to look for armor with dex point in it, combine it until you have 110, and increase other status STR and VIT as needed (for armor or weapon) until Dex gets 160. 

The combination attack that I use is Howl (to reduce movement speed, attack speed, cast speed and increase damage taken), and then Eviscerate and then hit normally. A passive skills that I find useful are Shred Armor (to reduce enemy armor and increase player armor).

Ok that's is for now, I'll update later when I finish it.

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  1. om mau nanya kalo maen sebagai alkemis gimana ya trik2nya hehehe
    makasih om

  2. Secara default klas alkemis ngga ada lho di T2, kalo T1 sih ada.